"Loving a wild thing is like having a lion for a pet. You know it’s a creature of violence whose very nature and talent is murder, and yet it lies down at your side and purrs for your touch alone."
"Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are."
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Hell Hath No Fury



At first he wasn’t sure what exactly Jane was referring to when she told him to take what he needed from her. Then she made it very clear, and suddenly David perked right up and wasn’t on the verge of falling into an exhausted sleep any longer. He could feel her heartbeat through the cool touch of his fingers that had been placed on her neck. Then they slowly started to move, tracing the faint blue line of a vein beneath her pale skin. “Oh, I understand.” There was amusement in his voice and surprise in his eyes at Jane’s commands. His spunky girl was the only one that could talk to him like that and incur his amusement rather than wrath. 

The bemused grin fell as he became more serious about the situation. Jane may trust him, but hell… Did he trust himself to be able to stop? It had taken a very long time for him to get control over his bloodlust, but he had never once taken blood from someone he cared about (or at least not on purpose.) An animal was released when he dug into someone for their blood, a beast, a monster. One that he didn’t exactly want to expose Jane to, and yet the thought of tasting her blood and how intimate and sensual that experience would be, excited him in more ways than one. 

His fingers continued following the vein down her throat to her collarbone where he pulled at her shirt, exposing more of her pallid skin. He didn’t bother to ask if she was sure; Jane’s tone had affirmed the resolution of her choice. The arm that remain wrapped around her lifted her slightly and pushed her body onto his. His head tilted forward so that the side of his face rested against her neck. He could hear the gush of her blood pumping beneath the surface, smell the enticing scent of it.

David’s eyes, the coloring now changed from a pale blue to a fiery orange,  drifted shut as he deeply inhaled her scent. His lips parted with the exhalation against her skin, revealing the elongated fangs that were now there. The vampire was no longer worried about controlling himself; even after transforming, he still cared about Jane too much to really hurt her. That hadn’t changed, even with the bloodlust, he knew he could control his actions. Gentler than he had ever bitten anyone before, he carefully let his fangs prick her flesh and sink in, already tasting a hint of the satisfying metallic taste. His fangs pulled out slightly to allow more blood to flow, as he started to suck at her neck, drawing more of the blood out. His arms remained wrapped around her, holding her tightly to him.

Her muscles tensed involuntarily when she first felt those sharp, hot teeth sink into her flesh. It was like getting two shots at once. It burned so badly that it made her tremble all over. Somehow, she held back the urge to scream. Even with his face now buried into her neck, and her body secured in his arms, she could still envision those hauntingly beautiful eyes of his. There was no question that she would be sore in this area long after he was finished with her.

A guttural moan escaped from her parted lips while she desperately clung to him. Never minding the fiery pain throbbing from her neck, her greatest fear right there and then was NOT being touched, but rather, being pulled away from the very person who was literally drinking her life.

How long had it been since they first met? She could barely think straight as her eyes drifted close and she buried her fingers into his platinum blond hair. Never would she have fathomed the notion of someone, cetainly not human, to reach out to her and connect with her in such ways she otherwise would’ve deemed impossible.

The moan that escaped her, the fingers entwined in his hair and pulling at it, almost made him lose control. His hands grasped her hips and pulled her to him as his breathing became heavy and ragged.

David’s eyes fluttered open and closed in confusion. Visions and emotions flooded him, and they didn’t belong to him. They were… Jane’s. Her blood. The powers she had to pull memories from others just from touch alone seemed to be getting transmitted to him from feeding on her blood. David watched as scenes unfolded from Jane’s life. The anger and fights she had with her mother, seeing her alone. So often alone and in pain. Seeing her reaction to learning she had the power, or curse as she thought of it. How lonely it made her. How lost.

Before he could take too much of her blood, he forcefully released her, finding it difficult but not impossible to stop feeding. David pulled back to look at her, a new understanding in his eyes. “Looks like you aren’t the only one that can use that fancy power of yours, Goldilocks.” Even in pain, he would still joke with her, calling her by the name he first did the night they met.


Bela Lugosi in White Zombie (1932)


Bela Lugosi in White Zombie (1932)

One-Shot Story



Jane felt no sorrow for what transpired, even with the memories and life she unwillingly stole.

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